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Hotel Data Launches Web-Based Software to Streamline Ops for Properties

Hotel Data recently launched its web-based software designed to help hotels improve operations and efficiency. Hotel Data offers the ability to store nearly all important hotel data onto a secured server thus eliminating the need to print/store: Invoice Receipts, Employee Files, STAR Reports, PMS Reports, Bank Statements, and any other important information required by Hotel Data's clients.
Hotel Data provides point and click technology that requires little to no training, thus eliminating the normal training curve most hotel companies experience when
implementing a new process.
The platform is being credited with delivering a very large number of clear benefits to users. The first is the very easy to recognize and use main page for each hotel, which mirrors the look, feel and performance of their iPhone/Android.
Other features include:
Employee Schedule allows the Department heads to type in the days/hours for each employee schedule, with names and phone numbers of each employee, which are automatically populated to save time. At the bottom of each schedule is an area that displays if the schedule is in line with the hotel's budgeted numbers based upon rooms sold/forecast. The department head can even click a button to email the schedule to all employees.
The Flex Budget allows a General Manager to enter a new forecast of rooms sold / revenue when there are changes in the market, like as an example, an unplanned event that consumed the area hotel rooms which was unforeseen when completing the budget. By entering just a few lines of data, the General Manager is able to see a new expense level for each line item that can be shared with each department head in real time.
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