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Hotel Chain Selects Solution to Bring PMS and CRS Functions to One Platform Built on SAP

H10 Hotels with 44 properties across seven countries, including Spain, Mexico, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Cuba and the Dominican Republic, is migrating from a multi-technology platform to the Indra Travel Management Suite. Using Indra's TMS for Hotels solution, H10 Hotels will bring its front office systems, including PMS, CRS, distribution connectivity and loyalty, to a single platform built on SAP.
Through TMS for Hotels, the H10 Hotels brand will experience core system convergence using a seamless, uniform above-property platform for all their business needs that drives accurate guest information from all parts of the operation in real time and from a single database. Of particular importance to H10 Hotels is the PMS module, providing a simple and effective way to streamline property operations and enable staff to work smarter, not harder. The TMS for PMS module offers a straight forward process to cover all front-office operations, from check-in/-outs and stay management to housekeeping and folio management.
"We were looking for an adaptable system to support our operations and marketing processes and help us operate more effectively and efficiently, primarily through the PMS and CRS," said H10 Hotels CIO Fernando Remolina. "Indra’s TMS for Hotels provides us with a single platform to operate both systems, and that includes inventory, rates and reservations management. Operating with separate solutions for PMS and CRS was fine in the past, but times have changed. Today it's critical to get to know each guest at every touch point. Having one single view of the guest that encompasses all guest interactions (from reservations and stay data to service requests and loyalty) is the smartest way of doing business."
While interfaces to some secondary systems will remain at H10 Hotels, the brand's core solutions will be consolidated via the powerful SAP platform. SAP is the No. 1-ranked ERP business platform with 25.5 percent worldwide market share.
"Expanding our brand to other countries will be easy now since the SAP platform is already installed in most countries, and things like taxes, local requirements, etc., are already taken care of," Remolina said. "Corporate wanted improved data and better quality of data, and we will receive that quickly and painlessly with the Indra TMS for Hotels. Soon we will be receiving up-to-the-minute information that we can leverage to react to market conditions. In all, we are eager to implement TMS for Hotels to get to know our guests better and provide an even higher level of service than previously possible with a multi-system platform."
Indra’s TMS solutions support all the business needs of a hotel chain or management company in one comprehensive system, hosted in the cloud or on-premise. Each module of the TMS suite is also available separately, and hoteliers can take advantage of Indra’s unparalleled interface capabilities to integrate these powerful applications with their existing systems from other vendors.
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