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The Hotel Caribe by Faranda Optimizes Service with Guesthub

Hotel Caribe by Faranda

For five-star Hotel Caribe by Faranda Grand in Cartagena, Colombia, a member of Radisson Individuals, achieving 100% guest satisfaction through service excellence is a top priority. To reach this goal, management turned to Guesthub, a web-based guest experience management solution that facilitates everything guests may need along their journey — from reservation to review™ — and without the need to download an app.

“Delivering a frictionless and memorable guest experience at Hotel Caribe is of the utmost importance,” said Faranda Worldwide Hotels CEO Celso Fernandez. “We were looking for an automated way to monitor requests and conduct service area inspections to deliver an exceptional stay. An industry colleague told me about the operational efficiencies his hotel achieved with Guesthub, so we gave it a try.

“Immediately we saw a vast improvement in service optimization,” he said. “The tool is enabling our staff to interact directly with guests and respond quickly to their requests by communicating their needs with the relevant operations team leaders. Guesthub has proven to be a great investment. It is helping in the early detection of non-conformities or service shortcomings and solving problems before a complaint is filed by the guest. Better yet, Guesthub is helping us in our sustainability efforts since the digital tool is paperless. Overall, we are extremely happy as the tools is helping us achieve our guest satisfaction goals.”

In addition to using Guesthub to manage guest and internal requests, the Hotel Caribe is using the solution to streamline the room service process and eliminate the need for staff to take orders by phone – which is prone to mistakes and often leads to bad reviews and higher food costs. Guesthub is enabling guests use their mobile devices to order from a web-based menu complete with detailed descriptions and photos.

Package tracking is another service feature of Guesthub that is being leveraged by the hotel. When a package arrives, a QR code or barcode label is scanned by staff and the parcel tracking number is automatically uploaded into Guesthub. Simultaneously, Guesthub records which employee is logging the package into the app, along with the day and time the item was entered into the system. Then, by entering the first three letters of the recipient’s last name, Guesthub is populated with complete guest information through its integration with the hotel’s property-management system. The location of the package — where it is stored, including room, shelf, or rack location — is also entered. To retrieve a package, a guest shows ID and provides a signature.

GuestHub is delivering five critical results to Hotel Caribe:

  1. Preventing guests from having to wait for requested items and services.
  2. Helping employees to do their jobs better by ensuring that no work orders fall through the cracks.
  3. Providing fluid communication between staff and guests, and triggers immediate responses based on guest experiences.
  4. Increasing onsite sales by digitalizing the food-and-beverage ordering process and protects employees by eliminating direct contact with guests.
  5. Giving hoteliers what no pen and paper can — data and analytics on all guest requests and issues.

“We are delighted that the Hotel Caribe by Faranda is having such tremendous success with Guesthub,” said Thomas Zarikian, CEO and founder of Guesthub. “This is the most complete web-based, task-oriented mobile app on the hotel market today, and it was developed by people who are actively managing hotels (vs. former hoteliers) to do what no single app can do as easily as GuestHub. Hotel Caribe is proof that hotels can reduce labor costs, streamline operational efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction if they have the right technology.”

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