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Hotel Booking Website Arrivedo Allows Guests to Search for Hotels Based on Neighborhood Guides

Arrivedo, a hotel booking website, announced the launch of its new hotel meta search service. With the new feature, users can now search for hotels and best available prices based on expertly written neighborhood guides, allowing travelers to make more insightful decisions based on location and surrounding activities.

Arrivedo aims to build a worldwide platform for travelers to connect, share knowledge, and experience locations around their hotel. And while many hotel booking websites only focus on prices and reviews, Arrivedo strives to provide these qualifications combined with important neighborhood content.

Arrivedo connects hotels with travelers, by enabling users to search for accommodation based on the neighborhoods they're in. The feature, called Neighborhood Guide, utilizes a list of articles with maps, routes, restaurants, tours, bars, listicles and more, allowing travelers to hit the ground running. These guides are created by experienced travel writers with local input, enabling travelers to get the authentic advice they seek directly from the place they’ll be staying.

Arrivedo’s proprietary content creation engine uses 400+ local certified Arrivedo travel writers across the globe and is growing in size at a rate of 67% month-to-month during the last 4 months. Neighborhood guides are created using insight from interviewed hoteliers to gain the most accurate and interesting local recommendations. This expanding pool of traveler writers currently comprises of some of the best in the industry, having written for major publications such as Forbes, Lonely Planet, The Economist, Huffington Post, Fortune, and many others.  

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