Hotel 1000 Increases its Bandwidth by 20-Fold

Hotel 1000, downtown Seattle's premier luxury hotel and world leader in hospitality technology, has taken a giant leap to the next level of connectivity for its guests and staff. Hotel 1000 worked with XO Communications, a nationwide provider of advanced communication services for businesses, and several other technology partners, to install a fiber optics connection to the property, thereby enabling a 100MB connection to the already installed future proof internal fiber network.  With this added connectivity, Hotel 1000's bandwidth has increased 20-fold and it is one of the first hotels in the U.S. to offer this type of broadband connectivity.

"Essentially, we've increased our connectivity from the size of a garden hose to that of a fire hose," says Matt Hagerman, hotel manager, Hotel 1000. "Taking Hotel 1000 to 100MB will enable us to move more data in and out of the property, support our robust IT system and ensure we're well-equipped to implement the aggressive IT initiatives planned for the future."   

The fully converged network
Hotel 1000's ever-growing technology features and amenities utilize a fully converged network to support a host of forward-thinking IT functions and initiatives. These network solutions comprise XO Communications' award-winning broadband offerings, such as Dedicated Internet Access and voice communications, as well as a host of other services offered by Hotel 1000's many technology partners. In addition to providing Hotel 1000's guests with faster, seamless high-speed Internet access, these solutions also enable the hotel to streamline its operational efficiencies and maximize its IT investment.

Hotel 1000's IT functions and initiatives enable a robust fiber network and bandwidth, addressing needs as follows:

  • Consolidation of information through in-room media center carried on the network.
  • Windows 7 convenience kiosks (featuring multi touch).
  • Microsoft Surface technology in STUDIO 1000.
  • Ever increasing HD/FTG TV streaming through the converged network.
  • Exponentially increased guest demands on Internet needs.
  • Wireless hand held devices.
  • Large number of savvy super users in banquet settings.
  • Larger number of travelers in general expecting and demanding seamless high-speed connections.  
  • Growing popularity and quality of tele-conferencing that Hotel 1000 offers.
  • Online golf tournaments at The Golf Club.
  • Convenience and popularity of VOIP Internet capable phones.
  • Growing relationship between tech and the green movement.  

Boasting a multi-million dollar technology infrastructure, Hotel 1000 is the industry leader for state-of-the-art services and personalized guest room amenities, including an intelligent private bar, touch screen VoIP phones, ambiance controls and 40-inch LCD televisions with virtual surround sound and dual performance capabilities as computer screen, digital art gallery and Satellite radio. In addition, Hotel 1000 released one of the first customized versions of the latest Microsoft Surface applications, which features more than 100 Points of Interest, a Card Reader for guests' digital cameras and a custom music selection. 

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