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Hosted PMS Centralizes Joie de Vivre Properties

With a fresh, inventive and casual personality, Joie de Vivre has built a reputation for creating one of the most unique collections of lifestyle businesses in the U.S.; earning over $280 million in revenue per year. It is hard to believe that only a few years ago, this hotel brand had a very disjointed IT operation. There was no standardized or centralized property management system, and while there were some uniform providers, the systems were often inconsistently configured. This made standardizing anything very difficult, and the organization struggled with consolidated reporting, standard IT operating procedures, hotel onboarding/development and more.

A hosted solution
Joie de Vivre runs a relatively small IT operation with limited IT resources. One of the challenges that management faced was in finding the best property management system that operated in the most efficient manner. To centralize its IT operation, Joie de Vivre installed MICROS' OPERA multi-property management system (PMS) in a collocation facility, as well as MICROS' OPERA Sales and Catering module. OPERA PMS, operating from a hosted site, has made deployment of the system efficient and effective. Instead of dealing with PMS server(s) at each of Joie de Vivre's 38 hotels and separate Opera environments, the hotel can now manage one environment at its datacenter. This allows for substantial improvements in efficiency, as well as reduced overall IT expenses. Additionally, training can be done anytime, anywhere, providing further ease related to PMS migrations, as well as hotel development and on-boarding. Joie de Vivre has had fairly aggressive growth objectives over the past several years, and thanks to easy deployment, installation, and training since the hotel began using MICROS' hosted OPERA PMS, management has been able to keep up with growth.

Additionally, the hosted system makes complying with the Payment Card Industry's Data Security Standards much easier, and made customers' credit card information more secure.

With few exceptions, any company with multiple locations should be using a system that is specifically designed for a multi-property system. In order to succeed with a hosted solution, hoteliers should be sure to choose a reliable bandwidth provider, as they control the network that your PMS depends on. For smaller operations or companies that do not have the capacity or expertise to host a system themselves, MICROS can manage their services. This saves operators from having to manage an IT staff and provides reliable professionals to do it for you.

MICROS' OPERA has helped Joie de Vivre become a more productive, profitable, and professional business and management looks forward to further increasing its top line revenue and bottom-line profits by taking advantage of more of OPERA's features.

Michael Stano has been the vice president of technology for Joie de Vivre since 2006. Since joining the staff, Mr. Stano has revolutionized the way Joie de Vivre conducts its business, from centralizing its property management system to standardizing all fifty properties' IT operations.

The above image was provided by photographer, Matthew Millman.
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