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Host Hotels & Resorts to Bring More Connectivity and Video Content to Marriotts

AT&T is teaming up with Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc. (Host) and GuestTekTM in a multi-year relationship to bring cutting-edge DIRECTV shows, movies and more to tens of thousands of Marriott hotel rooms owned by Host.

Guests at some Marriott hotels in the US that are owned by Host are already experiencing unparalleled in-room entertainment, while the remaining rooms will be added through the second quarter of 2016. They’ll get more shows and control over what they’re watching – and the hotels benefit with streamlined content ownership.

Working with DIRECTV, GuestTek can meet guests’ expectations now and into the future with its OneView Managed Video Platform. The solution offers hotel guests premium features including a branded welcome screen, a fully interactive program guide, access to internet content and more.

"Our goal is to deliver the best possible in-room experience for our guests by working with leading providers. AT&T with GuestTek makes that possible," said Minaz Abji, executive vice president of asset management at Host Hotels & Resorts. "We’re excited to offer our guests an easy way to get all the programs they’re used to watching at home – while they are traveling.”
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