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Hospitality Valet Staff Have Access to Real-Time Status of Electric Vehicle Charging

ChargePoint announced Valet, a new feature that gives valet staff in fleet, multi-family, workplace, hospitality and other locations a simple view into the real-time status of individual vehicles and charging ports, as well as notifications when cars have finished charging. Valet simplifies the process of switching charged vehicles for vehicles that need a charge and enables valet providers to serve more electric vehicle (EV) drivers more efficiently.

EV sales continue to set new records, and 2017 has already seen more EV deliveries than any other year. Valet simplifies the process of charging and enables valet service providers to accommodate more vehicles. The simple view into charging status and notifications when cars are finished charging empower valet staff to work more efficiently and keep drivers happy and cars fully charged before they are returned to their owners.

In addition to providing an overall view of charging status by vehicle and charging spot, Valet includes filtering tools that offer the flexibility to see completed charges, currently charging or available spots. It also enables valet attendants to charge vehicles using an EV driver’s ChargePoint account, so the driver receives real-time updates on charging status.

Valet not only empowers valet services to accommodate more EV drivers, but also supports the shift toward autonomous EVs and ride sharing by establishing the tools needed to manage and monitor fleet charging. As more vehicles become electric, more locations will need to accommodate large numbers of EVs charging, and Valet enables more efficient charging for these vehicles.

Since all ChargePoint charging stations are networked, every ChargePoint customer immediately gains automatic access to this feature through their ChargePoint account.

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