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Hospitality Leaders Join Forces to Simplify Access to Wireless Networks

Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG), the membership association that unites the world’s hospitality companies and technology innovators to solve industry challenges, announced a new collaborative effort to reduce the  complexity of accessing hotel wireless networks for guests and staff. 
HTNG is bringing together hotels, mobile application vendors and traditional hotel application suppliers to leverage the next generation of mobile phones and Wi-Fi, which will enable a known device (e.g. carried by a staff member or frequent guests) to connect to Wi-Fi networks and hotel applications without the need for time consuming and inconvenient distribution of login credentials or sign-in screens.
Experts from the hotel and vendor community will collaborate to identify best practices for registering and authenticating a mobile device once (for example, within a hotel, or group of hotels, such as a brand), so that hotel applications (PMS, point-of-sale, activity systems, etc.) can automatically recognize devices carried by regular customers and staff, and allow them unhindered access to appropriate functions.  It could also enable a hotel to recognize that a certain device, such as one carried by a VIP guest, has entered the building, and use this information to trigger a wide array of guest-service responses or capabilities appropriate to that individual.
“This is the first of a series of efforts to enable mobile applications to have a greater impact on hotel staff efficiency and guest satisfaction,” said Douglas Rice, HTNG’s Executive Vice President and CEO.  “Our goal is to bring together leaders in the hotel and technology vendor communities to define develop, and deploy the tools that will enable mobile technology to reach its full potential in the hospitality industry.” 
The following companies participated in defining this effort and have already committed to support it:
Cisco Systems, Inc.
ExteNet Systems
Hyatt Hotels Corporation
Marriott International
Meru Networks Inc.
Motorola Solutions
Ruckus Wireless Inc.
UIEvolution, Inc.
Additional participants are welcome until July 13, 2013 (and thereafter, with the consent of the group).  A current or new HTNG membership is required to participate, but not to benefit from the results, many of which will be provided to the industry for unrestricted use.

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