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HITEC NEWS: iBAHN Launches Advanced Cloud-Based Network

iBAHN has announced the launch of Mercury - its advanced cloud-based platform. iBAHN made the announcement from HITEC 2013.

The introduction of the cloud-based Mercury platform reinforces iBAHN’s commitment to R&D and underlines its status as an industry leader by providing customers with the scalability, reliability and flexibility required to manage ever-increasing bandwidth demand. The new network architecture puts network management power into hotels’ hands and gives operations managers and IT staff the ability to control network speed and manage guests’ connectivity demands in real-time and at a detailed level.

Industry research shows that in less than two years, Internet traffic from wireless devices will exceed that of wired devices. Furthermore, the number of networked devices is projected to be about 14 billion - twice that of the entire global population. Thanks to its cloud-based scalability, the Mercury network architecture is capable of responding to current mobile-driven demand as well as expected increases in connectivity needs from hotel guests.
Mercury supports higher coverage and greater density across a range of sites, from hotel rooms to large convention centers to high-capacity sports stadiums. 

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