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HITEC NEWS: AutoClerk Partners with Shift4 to Create Data-Free PMS Solution

Shift4 Corporation and property management system (PMS) provider AutoClerk, introduced a card-data-free PMS integration at HITEC.
AutoClerk’s myHMS3® is a Web-hosted PMS, meaning the whole solution exists in the cloud and none of the data is stored or processed in the hotel's physical environment.
On the front end, Shift4’s i4Go®, a virtual card-data firewall, intercepts payment data before it enters the hosted environment, securely sending that data directly to Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET® payment gateway to be processed and tokenized. For additional front-end security, encrypted card readers/keypad devices are supported for card-present scenarios. With these solutions in place, even the hotel’s workstations remain out of scope of PCI audits.
On the back-office side, myHMS3 has become the first PMS to implement Shift4’s 4Res™ technology to remove sensitive cardholder data (CHD) from reservation requests before they enter the PMS. Shift4 and AutoClerk have partnered with Genares, a global leader in hotel reservation systems, to make this possible. Prior to 4Res, in spite of their best efforts, PMS vendors would always have some amount of CHD within their environment.
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