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HITEC 2017 NEWS: Kube Systems to Display Mobile Device Charging Solutions for ALL Hotel Segments

Next month at HITEC, Kube Systems will showcase three charging solutions that will keep guests’ mobile devices powered while on property. With a Kube for every type of hotel and fitting most budgets, HITEC attendees will experience affordable, upgradeable, and compact solutions that will satisfy the needs of operators and travelers alike. Whether it’s an in-room alarm clock with Bluetooth Audio or a portable charging unit for use in public spaces, there’s now a Kube for every hotel. Operators in the lower-tier segments can now afford to add a charging appliance to their guestrooms that will help them stand out in their local markets without being prohibitive to their budget.
Less Cost, More Functionality
After a year of development, Kube Systems is pleased to announce that its Kube Essentials solution – a concept that debuted at HITEC 2016 – is now market-ready and shipping to hotels in June. The new multi-device charger for guestrooms not only charges all devices including laptops, but it’s more affordable than most comparable devices with more charging capability than any solution on the market. It’s also small enough that it won’t clutter the bedside.
Kube Essentials sports built-in charging cables – one Apple Lightning and one Micro USB – that are upgradeable to next generation charging formats. For example, the Micro USB cable can be upgraded to USB Type-C (reversible plug capability). It also features two USB Ports and an optional wireless Qi charging pad that enables guests to drop and charge their compatible mobile device on a large four-inch surface.
Global Installations
Kube Systems will also showcase its popular Kube Audio Clock charging station with audio player and alarm clock for guestrooms and the Kube 5 portable charging station for public areas. Both products are compatible with virtually all smartphones and tablets, and each can power up to six mobile devices simultaneously. Kube Audio Clock provides an in-room experience that enables guests to listen to their personal music while powering multiple devices at the same time all within proximity to each other and without a lot of clutter at the bedside. The Kube 5 – which comes as a kit of five portable units and one charging tray – is ideal for restaurants, lounges, lobbies and meeting venues.
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