HITEC 2016 NEWS: Telkonet Launches EcoManage Hospitality App

Telkonet, Inc., creator of the EcoSmart platform of intelligent room automation solutions supporting the emerging Internet of Things (IoT), will unveil a new EcoManage hospitality app for guests at the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference (HITEC). The app offers one more level of energy management control for hotel operators, while also adding a level of guest interaction and experience customization.
The EcoSmart intelligent automation platform is a fully integrated energy savings solution that leverages the IoT to connect HVAC, lighting, plugload and other third-party wireless devices via wireless networks to achieve optimal energy and operational efficiencies, and guest comfort. The EcoManage hospitality app will work in conjunction with the EcoSmart platform to provide facility managers another tool to help better manage energy usage, and enhance the guest experience.
For example, the scenario of a hotel guest forgetting to turn off the bathroom light after turning in for the night can be improved by providing them the opportunity to turn it off from their smartphone or tablet likely sitting on the nightstand. The app can be integrated into a hotel operator’s already-existing guest application, allowing for easy guest access and usability, and a seamless interaction with a hotel’s branded content. It includes controls for lighting, outlets and room temperature, depending on the level of deployment of the EcoSmart platform.
The functionality of the app can also help build customer loyalty in an increasingly competitive marketplace. With the potential to capture and store a guest’s personalized preferences, hotel operators can pre-program rooms to a guest’s previous settings during return stays.
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