HITEC 2015 NEWS: Flyte Systems Launches Revenue-Generating Guest Service Solutions

Flyte Systems, a division of ITS, is bringing three new digital signage solutions to HITEC 2015, intended to improve hotel guest service, increase property revenue and stimulate guest awareness of multiple hotel profit centers such as spas, gift shops, and food and beverage outlets.
EventDisplay and AmenityBoard are high-definition flat panel displays that can present property events and directions, combined with a hotel’s promotions and special offers. Marrying real-time airline flight data with property information, AmenityBoard can be utilized to offer specials and promotions, recognize VIPs at the hotel or make announcements that increase guest spend.

Hotels can also include property maps, weather and local traffic on AmenityBoard to attract guests’ attention. EventDisplay shows property events with breakouts, meeting rooms, and venues in a variety of formats. Local time and local weather also appear at the bottom of the screen.
EventChannel broadcasts hotel events and announcements to guest rooms and also allow access to instant meeting updates, VIP acknowledgements, and airline flight information. Like EventDisplay installed in the public space, EventChannel provides meeting information and other announcements in the guest room. EventChannel can be utilized as a dedicated guest television channel or its content can be integrated with other property programming.
Flyte Systems also added a property ‘message tape’ at the bottom of its widely-installed FlyteBoard, enabling hotels to enter their own promotional reminders to prompt guests checking flights.
Many hotels and resorts also use Flyte Systems’ applications to increase revenue with innovative marketing approaches for distressed travelers.
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