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HITEC 2014: Bartech Software Provides Real-Time Data on Guests and Profit-Generating Automation

Bartech demonstrated its comprehensive line of design and technology innovations at HITEC 2014, taking place June 24-26 in Los Angeles. Bartech’s fully customizable automatic minibars are designed to maximize revenue and save hoteliers time and money through increased efficiency.
Featured at HITEC this year was the Neotray and the eDrawer, two Bartech exclusives. The Neotray was first introduced to the hospitality market in 2013. This tabletop display unit is ideal for dry items and provides hotels with three rows of five sensors to showcase products in a stylish case with a see-through lid. Working as an innovative in-room point-of-sale device that allows hotels to automatically post charges in real time to the PMS, the Neotray provides hotels with a simple and convenient method of offering in-room, non-refrigerated products to their guests. All consumed items can be tracked through Bartech's proprietary management software, making refilling more efficient while reducing overhead costs and generating additional revenue.

The eDrawer is an automatic minibar design that was developed at the request of a major hotel client in need of a furniture-based drawer system that would seamlessly blend into the guestroom aesthetics. Depending on each property’s unique requirements, eDrawer offers hoteliers multiple options for both the cold cube drawer and dry section of the minibar.

The doors of Bartech’s automatic minibars can made using any finish, ranging from plastic doors of any color and wood grain doors that match guestroom furniture to glass doors that can be any color and frosted or tinted to any degree. Hotels who opt for glass doors also have the ability to have their logo etched directly onto the glass for added branding.

Bartech’s automatic minibar solutions vastly improve guest satisfaction and streamline one of the most profitable areas in hotel food and beverage. On average 30% of guests will use the hotel’s minibar amenities. Bartech’s software provides real-time data on which guests are utilizing their minibars and which products they are consuming to the minibar attendant. The advanced sensor technology is triggered when an item is lifted, starting a 60-second countdown. If the product is replaced in that time period it is marked as a picked-up product for the attendant, otherwise the system assumes it was consumed and charges the item to the guest folio. Refills can then be made in a timely manner and attendant only has to visit rooms with activity, saving both operational time and money. This efficiency in operations also helps to reduce guest disturbance by 70%, eliminate disputes at the front desk and expedite check out.

For properties with an existing ZigBee network, Bartech can provide seamless integration with its embedded controls for maximum system integration and minimal installation costs. Other options include Wi-Fi, Coax cable, twisted pair and Ethernet communication. Bartech is also the only minibar provider to utilize three different types of sensor technologies, including infrared, magnetic and micro-switch.
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