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HITEC 2014: Acentic Teams with LG to Generate New Revenue Opportunities from In-Room Tech

Acentic, in partnership with LG, is launching a range of innovative technologies to generate new revenue opportunities for hospitality businesses and improve the in-room technology experience for guests. 
WiFi and HSIA are now viewed as a critically important component of the hospitality offering.   According to Acentic, guests frequently use laptops, tablets and mobiles all at the same time (90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal) and it is this device proliferation with increased network activity that is causing significant problems for hoteliers with outdated networks. Nonetheless, today's guests expect to be able to get online quickly, easily and reliably. So the challenge for hotels today is how to support this explosion in demand for fast connectivity whilst offsetting the costs through new revenue making opportunities.
Some of the latest WiFi and HSIA offerings that Acentic showcased at HITEC include:
Radiant 4.   Acentic's next generation High Speed Internet platform offers the hotelier the perfect solution to today's connectivity challenges.   Its outstanding performance, reporting tools and sophisticated bandwidth control functionality offers an unparalleled ability to maximise revenue.  It is particularly suitable for properties with significant conference, exhibition and training seminar business.
Room Island.  Room Island creates a single secure wireless network alongside the usual open guest network and provides guests with the ability to form small, completely private networks for them and their family, friends or colleagues while still continuing to ensure that unrelated devices are unable to gain access. This network is a chargeable additional feature and can generate additional HSIA revenue for hoteliers.  Guests benefit from a secure way to connect multiple devices and they can remain connected to their room network throughout the property.
As well as Radiant 4 and Room Island, Acentic will be showing their latest in room entertainment and communication technology.
Centron.  Delivering centralized TV channel management as well as on-screen branding, Centron is in-room communication done brilliantly; with commercial packages at rates that will genuinely amaze.  Centron is Pro:Idiom friendly offering full security of digital content play out on LG screens.
 Aeon.  The Acentic set-top box based solution that can turn any entry level, HDMI equipped hospitality TV into a super-smart TV offering Hollywood movies, games, apps as well as in-room communication and tailored branding.
"Aeon delivers a high quality guest experience that is equal, if not better, than what they may experience at home and a delivers commercial package that any hospitality business will find hard to ignore!"  explains Peter Torbet, Acentic's Director of Product Innovation.
Aeon Hybrid.  This combination of Centron and Aeon delivers hotel-wide TV channel management together with the ability to differentiate the in-room offering across a property.
Panorama NG.    A re-engineered development of Panorama, the technology of choice for global hotel brands for years.  Panorama NG  delivers the industry's most advanced Interactive TV experience presented on the Smart TV's: LG LP870H(US), LP860H (EU) and soon on LY750H (in both regions). Utilizing gyroscopic motion control technology, the LGE Magic remote control ensures the guest can quickly navigate around the TV.  Panorama NG is also available on LG's STB2000 Set Top Box that makes any flat screen TV… smart.
Push & Play.  Panorama NG's companion App,  allows the guest to select TV channels, browse on-screen information, buy movies and play back their own content such as, music and photos from their mobile device, wirelessly, through the Panorama NG powered In-Room TV.
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