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Hilton San Diego Sees Success with Digital Concierge

Four hotels in the San Diego area, including the Hilton San Diego have concluded a testing period with Porter24 digital concierge. The screen, which updates in real-time, allows users to find local business deals, tourist attractions, check weather, track flights, see additional details on the hotel, and take a selfie that can be shared directly to social media. Some key content shared during initial testing included suggestions on a city’s top restaurants, nightlife, attractions, and services, along with exclusive deals with maps and information being sent directly to guest’s phones in hotel branded e-mails.
The driving force behind Porter24’s turnkey solution is the cloud-based software that was developed with hotels in mind. The CMS allows hotels to customize and update content in real-time, from displaying hotel features to capturing sales leads, the platform engages guests and enhances a user’s experience.
Porter24’s interactive touchscreens come in various sizes between 50 and 65 inches and custom builds are also available.  
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