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Hilton Honors App Controls and SHOWTIME Streaming Latest Innovations to Connected Room


The list of benefits Hilton guests can get from the Hilton Honors app to personalize their stays just got longer. The app will now be able to turn guests’ mobile phones into an in-room remote for television entertainment, lighting, and temperature control as part of Hilton’s rollout of its Connected Room technology at hotels across the U.S. this year.

Hilton guests will also receive the instant benefit of SHOWTIME streaming offered through Connected Room, the first ever collaboration of its type between a major hotel company and a premium entertainment provider. Hilton guests in Connected Room equipped hotels will enjoy unprecedented complimentary access to a vast library of award-winning SHOWTIME service completely on demand, without requiring credentials or a subscription, via a new application specially developed for Connected Room. Guests will be able to stream entire seasons of SHOWTIME original series including HOMELAND, THE CHI, BILLIONS, RAY DONOVAN, and many more, as well as box-office hits, comedy specials, documentaries and hard-hitting sports.

Hilton unveiled Connected Room in December as a first-of-its-kind, high-tech hotel room that allows guests to control all aspects of their stay from one central device. Today’s announcement means that as Hilton expands the Connected Room technology and adds related features to more hotels across the country, guests will soon be able to use the Hilton Honors app to enjoy the available perks. Connected Room continues to expand across multiple Hilton brands and markets throughout the U.S., with several thousand rooms set to be outfitted with the technology this year.

“Connected Room has set a new standard for the industry by giving our guests a travel experience where their room can be customized to their preferences, and also offers complimentary on demand access to SHOWTIME service,” said Jon Witter, Chief Customer Officer at Hilton. “The availability of in-app controls is the next step in allowing guests to manage all aspects of their stay from the palm of their hands.”

Guests who prefer not to use the app will still be able to enjoy benefits of Connected Room because Hilton has simplified the television remote and built room controls into the TV.

The award-winning Hilton Honors app has already been making guests’ lives easier by enabling them to control and personalize various aspects of their stay. Hilton Honors members have been using the app to check in, select their room, and open the door with Digital Key -- a Smartphone feature now available in more than 3,000 Hilton hotels and used to open more than 22 million room doors to date. Hilton Honors membership and the app are both free and available to all Hilton guests.

Hilton’s launch of Connected Room and the integrated technology continues a 100-year history of innovating in the hotel industry. In addition to introducing the first airport hotel and central reservations system, Hilton was the first to provide in-room TVs and has also been a food and beverage pioneer, inventing such iconic staples as the piña colada. Operating within a culture of creativity, Hilton continues to deliver on its commitment to provide exceptional experiences -- every hotel, every guest, every time.

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