Hillcrest Foods Streamlines Delivery, Improves Transparency in the Supply Chain

VAI, an ERP software developer, and Hillcrest Foods, Inc., a wholesale distributor of bakery ingredients, are working together to streamline warehouse operations and process and track day-to-day financial transactions. By leveraging VAI’s cloud-based S2K Enterprise for Food solution, Hillcrest Foods has improved visibility into its supply chain, enabling the company to maintain inventory control throughout its warehouse. 

With a high volume of inventory and customers across the Northeast, Hillcrest requires a Food ERP solution to help improve inventory management and track product lots - both of which are critical to comply with food safety regulations and ensure all deliveries are performed under the allotted time constraints. 

With a growing customer base and a larger warehouse, Hillcrest Foods migrated to VAI’s S2K Enterprise for Food software, which runs in the cloud and includes S2K Financial Management, S2K Distribution Management, S2K Warehouse Management, and Truck Mapping applications. For Hillcrest, cloud-based warehouse and financial management applications are necessary to effectively manage the supply chain and achieve peak performance. The applications are capable of addressing any tracking issues and quickly locating products. Providing documentation for each product, including origin, analysis, and ingredients, VAI’s S2K Enterprise for Food allows bakers and chefs to see exactly what’s in their product.

“With VAI’s warehouse management application, we have been able to improve our lot control and better track what products are on the shelves and which ones have been distributed,” said Carmen Pascuito, accounting manager at Hillcrest Foods. “We can guarantee our customers fresh and high-quality products, all while keeping a close eye on inventory levels. We also use VAI’s Truck Mapping application which allows us to better manage delivery routes and guarantee orders are on the correct truck for delivery each day.”

Hillcrest Foods receives hundreds of calls per day from customers looking to place orders, so connectivity is critical. By utilizing VAI’s cloud-based solution, Hillcrest Foods has experienced no downtime and does not worry about the complexity of running a cloud infrastructure. With VAI’s S2K cloud-based ERP solution, Hillcrest Foods’ warehouse employees and truck drivers can work remotely from any location while harnessing the ability to access all enterprise applications in a centralized database.


Photo by Kirsten Drew on Unsplash

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