Heartland, Computop Collaborate to Offer Secure International Payment Processing

Heartland Payment Systems, Inc. and Computop have announced they have signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Through a non-exclusive collaboration, the Heartland Portico Gateway will be integrated with Computop Paygate, a platform with international payment solutions and fraud prevention, to enable Heartland’s U.S. customers to expand into new markets with secure international payment processing.
Key Highlights/Facts
With Heartland and Computop teaming up, customers who work with Heartland for their U.S. payment processing are now able to easily and securely extend their multichannel business globally and benefit from the large amount of domestic and international payment options that Computop Paygate provides.
For Heartland customers, expanding to new geographies and integrating international payment methods won’t be time consuming or expensive since Computop Paygate has prebuilt integration cartridges available for leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) and shopping systems.
With Computop’s deep experience in international e-commerce and fraud prevention, Heartland can offer its customers value-added services important for global business, including debt management solutions and access to multiple credit agency interfaces that verify an international shopper’s or business’ credit background.
In addition to its ability to securely process a wide variety of international payment methods, Computop Paygate provides currency conversion, a solution that enables merchants to reflect and accept international currencies like Euros, United Kingdom Pound Sterling (GBP) and other currencies. This helps to reinforce consumer trust and reduce basket abandonment since shoppers see prices displayed in locally available currencies.
Beyond the international benefits this collaboration delivers, it also offers Computop’s customers additional secure acquiring solutions in the U.S.
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