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HappyOrNot​, ​ZeroCater​ ​Partner to Offer In-Office Customer Feedback Tools for Office Catering

HappyOrNot​​, the global leader and pioneer in instant customer and employee satisfaction reporting, and ZeroCater​, Silicon Valley’s fastest-growing corporate catering and snacks company, have teamed up to use in-office customer feedback tools to provide data-driven customer service in high-growth startups and enterprise corporations.

For the office catering industry, ensuring delicious, fast and accurate meal deliveries requires cutting-edge technology, high-level communications, the best food partner network, and a team of dedicated professionals. ZeroCater bridges food service and technology in order for businesses to feed their teams for recruiting and retention, collaboration and productivity purposes.

To ensure continued success, ZeroCater realized two things: they needed to know what their customers really think about their services, and they needed to be able to put this feedback to use. ZeroCater’s customer success team, always searching for ways to predict customer happiness and prevent customer churn, introduced the HappyOrNot solution to their high-volume clients, where it was immediately found that by utilizing HappyOrNot’s anonymous and easy-to-use Smiley Terminal™ and reporting service, they could access and monitor customer feedback data, fast.

“At ZeroCater, the customer experience is essential to our business,” tells Arram Sabeti, CEO of ZeroCater. “It’s critical that we have access to their feedback to continue improving the experience, so we looked for a solution that would answer these needs.”

The feedback, including their restaurant partners’ performance trends, are monitored and analyzed by each client’s own account manager and vendor teams.

“Having real-time data from everyone we feed and an added layer of customer insight allows us to provide an exceptional customer experience,” says Arvind Stokes, ZeroCater’s VP of Operations, “and HappyOrNot has given us the tools to be able to collect data quickly and reach more customers.”

HappyOrNot’s continuously updated feedback data is crucial to ZeroCater, as they coordinate employee meal and snack programs for offices around the country, working to curate an extensive network of restaurants, food trucks and caterers. To manage this network efficiently and ensure a consistently high level of service delivery, ZeroCater’s vendor team relies on the instant customer feedback data from HappyOrNot to monitor their service performance trends and instantly spot any gaps. This puts ZeroCater in the position of remedying service level issues on a much tighter timeframe and with much greater precision.

HappyOrNot’s Smiley Terminals offer a simple, yet valuable, tool for collecting feedback. ZeroCater conveniently placed the terminals in high-volume, recurring customer locations where it’s easier to collect data in-person. The terminals are strategically placed in areas where they receive the highest response rates, such as corporate lunchrooms or break rooms.

Each workday, ZeroCater end users are able to provide their confidential thoughts about their meal experience by pressing one of four Smileys (dark green = very happy, light green = happy, pink = unhappy, or red = very unhappy). The benefit is that the Smiley Terminals allow ZeroCater to be more proactive in improving customers’ experiences by providing our entire team fast access and insight into how customers experience each. Since the beginning of 2017, ZeroCater has received more than 100,000 feedbacks via the HappyOrNot Smiley Terminals and boosted their customer engagement and feedback by 400%

The Smiley Terminals are also found within ZeroCater’s corporate office.

“One is in our front hallway and is used to look at overall employee happiness,” says Kathryn Hering, Director of Customer Experience. “We want to know how our teams’ days are going.”

Another terminal, located in the ZeroCater kitchen, is used to rate meals as a method for testing out new vendors or menus before they’re released to clients.

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