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HappyOrNot Partners with Raydiant to Add Real-Time Customer Feedback Applications to Interactive Screens

HappyOrNot, the leading customer feedback company, today announces it has partnered with San Francisco-based digital signage company, Raydiant. Integrated into the Raydiant Marketplace as an application, HappyOrNot’s touch activated feedback solution will be available for businesses to install onto any interactive employee or customer facing screen. 

Coming on the heels of Raydiant being named to Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies, this partnership will add significant value to retailers, banks, venues and healthcare services across the U.S., by enabling them to receive instant insights into customer and employee sentiments.  

Through the integration, customers that use any of Raydiant’s interactive screens or self-service devices, will be offered the option of leaving feedback by tapping on one of HappyOrNot’s four digital smiley face buttons.  

Ahead of the integration, Raydiant will also activate a new referral program, whereby HappyOrNot’s standalone physical terminals and scannable QR code stickers, will be offered to its 4,000 customers across the US.  

By utilizing HappyOrNot’s touch activated feedback application and solutions, store managers, staff and upper management teams will be able to identify and rectify customer experience pain points more effectively. Access to HappyOrNot’s online analytics dashboard will also enable businesses to visualize larger amounts of customer experience data, giving them the opportunity to isolate experience levels by time, location, and severity. 

We partnered with HappyOrNot because of the breadth and depth of their application. This partnership is another step in helping our customers use data to create amazing in-store experiences.” tells Bobby Marhamat, Chief Executive Officer at Raydiant.  

“It is becoming increasingly important that retailers not only understand their customers, but that they respond to them. Working with Raydiant, we are delighted that more brands will be able to measure customer experience and receive in-moment analytics to make data-informed adjustments to their services.” Damaris Bode, Channel Director Americas at HappyOrNot. “Our partnership with Raydiant represents an important step forward in HappyOrNot’s vision to provide digital avenues through which retailers can measure customer experience in physical stores.” 

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