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HandHeld Hospitality Announces New Features to Mobile to Streamline Service

Further to the successful debut at HITEC, HandHeld Hospitality has announced several new features to its hotel engagement mobile app device, “At Your Service.” The company expects all these features to be fully available to customers by the end of September. The new features include amongst others: multi-lingual display of the app and easy plug-ins to existing HTNG compliant hotel systems to allow for instant reservations and fulfillment of guest requests.
The app is designed for use on smart phones and the first of several apps to be offered to the hotel community and its guests, designed to “make hotels smarter” and forever change the way independent hotels and chains engage their guests, mobilizing the guest experience at the touch of a finger.  
Through the installation of At Your Service, hotels will be able to communicate with guests throughout their stay.  Hotels can deliver push notifications and special offers to in-house guests to increase revenue per occupied room, provide relevant hotel and area information to guests, streamline staff time answering guest questions, and deliver up to the minute information to guests.
At Your Service provides easy guest download upon or pre-arrival and features a convenient A-Z directory, a daily “Things to Do” section, daily custom welcome letters and customizable special offers.  Hotels can send push notifications to guests at will or according to a preset schedule.  An easy to use CMS allows hotels to make instantaneous content changes.
Guests can plan and reserve their own on- and off-site activities through the app, order room service, send special requests such as extra blankets and pillows, order drinks by the pool or make spa and dinner reservations and much more.  Guests can utilize the GPS tool to be directed to any area on or off -property and have direction back to the hotel at the touch of a finger.  Every element of the app can be shared on social media or emailed to a friend.  The app is designed to function on Android, Apple and Windows platforms.
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