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Hackers Break into Computer System at Ann Arbor-Based Pub

The Detroit Free Press reports: Ann Arbor police say hackers broke into the computer system of a popular Irish restaurant, Conor O’Neill’s Restaurant, stealing numerous credit card and debit card numbers to make purchases. The case came to light after the credit and debit cards were fraudulently used in the state of Texas between April 22 and June 10.
“The banks were receiving information about these fraudulent transactions and did a little digging and discovered the common point of purchase between the cases was Conor O’Neill’s,” Ann Arbor Police Det. Sgt. Pat Hughes said.
According to police, the restaurants’ credit card processing computer was vulnerable to computer hackers, possibly from Europe, allowing them to infiltrate the system and gain access to all of the credit/debit card numbers that had been used at the business.
Police say it’s not yet known how many customers’ credit and debit cards were accessed. Because the charges have taken place in other states, Ann Arbor police don’t know the total number of fraudulent credit card purchases involved, Hughes said.

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