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Habit Burger Grill Increases Takeout Revenue with Order Processing Solution

The Habit Burger Grill is implementing 11 locations with the Restaurant Revolution Technology (RRT)  patent pending takeout order processing and management solutions. RRT will process and manage every takeout order from customer initiation, through order pick-up, thus driving a more focused and pleasant experience for The Habit’s customers who order takeout. RRT’s restaurant specific Order Management Technology solutions, supported by their call center, online & mobile ordering platforms, has delivered significant increases in takeout revenues, and reduced operating costs from other RRT restaurant clients. RRT’s turnkey solution empowers local restaurant management and staff to effectively address rising in-store operational pressures while now having the capability to provide an exceptional customer experience, forge long term relationships and build stronger brand loyalty with their takeout customers.
Restaurant Revolution Technologies, Inc. (RRT) provides popular restaurant chains nationwide a patent pending Order Management solution that enables restaurant operators to offer their Takeout customers with a consistently professional and delightful ordering experience, speaking to a friendly menu expert every time, and with the confidence that the order is accurate. This turnkey, easy to implement, Takeout Order management system also reduces operational costs and increases orders and profits by leveraging its feature rich software and functionality, which allows its clients to provide a very personalized experience with its customers, based on capturing ordering history, favorites and intelligent upselling. Along with Call Center services, the RRT solution is also supported by its Online & Mobile ordering platforms, all which are integrated with top POS systems that reach a majority of restaurant’s world-wide.
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