The Guestbook Analyzes Experiential Traveler Preferences and Booking Behavior


The Guestbook, a rewards program for independent and boutique hotels, announces the release of a new white paper, entitled "Understanding Boutique Aficionados." This new white paper breaks down the specific booking and travel behaviors shared by two distinct segments of experiential travelers and reveals insights collected by The Guestbook through a national research study, which surveyed 1,031 Americans over the age of 25 with a household income above $75,000.

As experiential travel continues to grow in popularity, competition between hoteliers to offer more unique experiences is intensifying. Millennials now consist of roughly 26% of the U.S. population and are on track to control between $19 trillion and $24 trillion of the global economy by 2020. At the same time, the Baby Boomer generation is transitioning into retirement, bringing with them a strong desire for experiential travel. Due to their size and buying power, The Guestbook's report takes a deep dive into both of these segments of travelers to highlight specific insights into their preferences and behaviors.

With hotel guests growing in sophistication and Millennial travelers maturing, attracting travelers with a discerning eye is becoming increasingly challenging in the highly competitive boutique hotel space, according to Jessica Powell, Vice President of Marketing at The Guestbook and author of the whitepaper. These travelers, dubbed "Boutique Aficionados," prefer unique experiences every time they hit the road for either business or leisure, and this includes the hotel experience. The study aims to aid boutique hoteliers in understanding the needs, preferences and specific behaviors of this growing segment.

Some topics covered in the white paper include:

  • Why experiential travelers take vacations
  • What attracts experiential travelers to boutique hotels or chains
  • How experiential travelers are finding boutique and independent hotels
  • A look into the traveler booking process
  • How online interactions influence booking decisions
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