Grubhub, 24 Hour Home Care Partner to Support Seniors

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

24 Hour Home Care, a non-medical home care provider, has partnered with Grubhub to connect isolated seniors with on-demand food delivery services through a new program called GrubWith24. Through this innovative partnership, 24 Hour Home Care will offer seniors the ability to order food on Grubhub without using a smartphone or visiting Grubhub’s online site.

Access to the delivery options on Grubhub is now more important than ever for seniors and those with health conditions. Enabling at-risk individuals, including seniors and those with severe health conditions, to stay safely at home will greatly reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19, the Coronavirus.

“In the wake of Coronavirus, our company makes a difference in people’s lives by reducing the risk of transmission to at-risk populations. Through GrubWith24, we are continuing that mission by providing a food delivery option to those that are not typically able to use online marketplaces or smartphone apps. This will greatly help at-risk individuals practice social distancing and skip a potentially dangerous visit to a crowded grocery store,” said Andy Matthews, Vice President of Business Development at 24 Hour Home Care.

Matthews continued: “We are very excited to partner with Grubhub, as they will enable us to help those in every community, we serve by offering our community a variety of high-quality food delivery options at a competitive price. Grubhub is a perfect fit as they provide consumers access to many local restaurants and a discounted rate to our clients during a health crisis considering the population we serve. Grubhub’s commitment to safety by offering Contact Free Delivery was an incredibly important benefit that allows us to provide all necessary safety measures for our clients. We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership as it will make a positive impact on the community and provide a solution for anyone who may not be able to order on their own.”

GrubWith24 is offered to all clients and community partners. Those interested in meal delivery through the new partnership with Grubhub can call 24 Hour Home Care directly and speak to a team member dedicated to assisting with the meal delivery. They do not require a Grubhub account or smartphone, greatly reducing barriers that prevent many from ordering on-demand food delivery. During the public health crisis, Grubhub orders will be discounted when ordering through 24 Hour Home Care and have the option to be “Contact-free,” which further protects individuals during this public health crisis.

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