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Google Incubator Launches Cloud-Based Phone Agent


CallJoy announces early access of its easy-to-use cloud-based phone agent that enables small business owners to delight customers. In 2018, a team within Area 120, Google’s internal incubator for experimental ideas, estimated that American small businesses receive 400 million calls every day from customers to place to-go orders, book appointments, check open hours or to inquire about inventory. More importantly, the team found that nearly half of these calls go unanswered because owners are just too busy or assume the caller is a spammer.

With SMB call volume on the rise, CallJoy’s affordable, yet powerful phone technology was developed to give small businesses the same scalable customer service options that typically only large corporations have previously enjoyed.

How CallJoy Works

  • With CallJoy, SMB owners receive the following for a monthly flat fee of $39:
  • a phone number with a local area code
  • an intelligent virtual voice agent and custom greetings
  • unlimited call recording and conversation transcripts
  • textback functionality
  • spam blocking technology
  • Google My Business integration


In addition, CallJoy’s virtual phone agent gives small business owners unprecedented visibility into important metrics, such as what their customers are calling about, the frequency at which they're calling, and popular call times. Each day, CallJoy categorizes the company’s calls and then compiles the data into an online dashboard and daily insights email.

Before its official debut, CallJoy was rigorously tested by small businesses, including local restaurants and retailers. These business owners gained valuable conversation details into common customer questions and the service levels they received from employees. As a result of these insights, many of the owners updated their training programs, optimized their phone greetings and implemented automated SMS textbacks to improve their customer service.


“Our phone line used to ring off the hook with customers wanting to schedule or change their appointments, which overwhelmed our receptionists and made it difficult for them to provide quality customer service both over the phone and in person," said Danielle Hunt, salon and spa manager at Panache Spa in Whitehouse Station, N.J. “We love CallJoy's transcripts and insights because they’ve enabled us to improve receptionist training and adequately staff the front desk to manage bookings during peak call times."

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