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Goodr Partners with Roadie for Same-Day Delivery to Waste Less Food

Goodr and Roadie, a crowd-sourced delivery service, team up to o expand food rescue programs.

Hunger-combating app joins forces with same-day delivery to expand food rescue programs in six U.S. markets

Goodr, a real-time food rescue app built on blockchain, announced its express delivery partnership with Roadie, the on-the-way delivery service with the nation's largest local same-day delivery footprint. Goodr can now rapidly deploy and expand its food management program, allowing businesses to conveniently donate surplus food deliveries to people in need.

Goodr believes hunger isn’t a scarcity issue but a logistics ones. Americans waste 133 billion pounds of food each year, much of that coming from restaurants and grocery stores. Working with Roadie allows Goodr to expand to new markets and new organizations.

The first of its kind to utilize blockchain for social good, Goodr provides a secure ledger to track surplus food waste from pickup to donation, unlocking significant tax deductions and predicting habitual overordering.

The partnership marks the first time Goodr has outsourced its logistics platform to deliver unused food at scale. The company utilizes Roadie's crowdsourced model, which taps into unused capacity in passenger vehicles already on the road, to deliver surplus food same-day to donation centers like churches or shelters.


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