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Golden Chick Increases Drive-Thru Sales with Real-time Data Analysis

Based in Richardson, Texas, Golden Chick prides itself on delivering fresh and delicious chicken in a family-friendly atmosphere. Since opening its first store more than 40 years ago, Golden Chick has experienced steady growth with new restaurants opening throughout the region, bringing the chain-wide total to over 130.

Business continues to grow for Golden Chick, which was looking to accommodate this growing demand while maintaining speed and accuracy, particularly in the drive-thru, which accounts for approximately 30% of sales. But the restaurant chain lacked the real-time data necessary to identify areas for improvement.

Golden Chick piloted the NCR Drive-Thru Timer in two of its corporate-owned locations—one with a dual drive-thru and one of the top 10 in sales volume – to alleviate and expedite some of the heavy traffic. The employee-facing digital display integrates with the point-of-sale and other technology systems to provide management and staff with real-time data on speed and ticket averages to optimize drive-thru performance.

Drive-thru tech drives sales, speed and accuracy
Since installing the system in January, New Store Coordinator Jay Tharian says there has been a significant impact on both ticket count and ticket average. “We saw this as a great way to improve the efficiency of our drive-thru,” he said, which has since grown to account for 30% of sales in those locations.

Being able to view and analyze drive-thru stats in real time has enabled Golden Chick management to operate more efficiently by making necessary staffing or inventory adjustments. And, promoting daily specials to staff via the digital display has helped grow ticket averages by 3% and optimize inventory by prompting employees to upsell. “While initially wary of change, our employees have come to embrace the technology and we now have competitions in store to see who can sell the most.”

 With NCR technologies operators utilizing the system can expect a 3% increase in drive-thru traffic a 3% increase in ticket average and a 2% increase in order accuracy. Lastly, Tharian says the solution has helped streamline communications and align objectives with the operations team. “Having the technology within our restaurant gives us the visibility and real-time information that helps us to set and achieve the goals we set day to day.”
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