GoGoGuest Announces PRISM to Enable Food Service, Hospitality Businesses, and Pop-up Retailers to Maximize Individual Customer Lifetime Value

GoGoGuest, a unified data and cloud customer marketing platform with business WiFi service, announced the launch of PRISM to help businesses increase customer lifetime value and sales across in-store and other revenue channels. Hospitality, food service businesses, venues and pop-up retailers have access to a sea of customer information but often don’t have the right tools to turn that data into actionable and individualized marketing campaigns. Using customer data from different digital touch points including POS, WiFi analytics, eCommerce websites, social media, and other relevant data sources, GoGoGuest gives businesses a complete picture of their customer so they can connect in an intelligent and profitable way. As a result, many businesses are realizing up to a 44% increase in in-store revenue since they started using GoGoGuest. 

GoGoGuest’s unified data and marketing suite empowers even the least tech-savvy store owner to focus on customer journeys that increase a customer’s return frequency, spend, social recommendations and help to keep the brand top of mind in the customer’s present context. With customer data and marketing campaign tools in one simple dashboard, businesses can grow their marketing lists up to an average of more than 84 new users per day. Campaigns that are sent with consideration to the current context of the end-user average 50% open rates and 10% higher click through rates, well above the industry average.

The Company is also expanding into the pop-up retail or short-term retail category. Storefront, a global pop-up retail marketplace is enlisting GoGoGuest as a merchant technology solution partner for any size retailer who rents a short-term space through the Storefront platform. GoGoGuest provides Storefront customers with access to its data and customer marketing platform and business WiFi service.

“As the real estate paradigm of New York and other key consumer cities transitions into one of on-demand and experiential, it will become increasingly important for brands to be able to activate retail space in just a few hours. WiFi and customer analytics are a business necessity today, and GoGoGuest will be integral in removing the guesswork and hassle of installing reliable business WiFi service with the added benefit of customer data and insights across our U.S. user base,” said Ed Victori, Storefront’s Vice President of Global Operations.

Designed to address the evolving relationship between the digital and physical worlds, PRISM allows businesses to harness the power of nearly a dozen other tools in one simple solution:

  • Captive and branded portals for your business WiFi service
  • Actionable Customer Data and Insights
  • Advanced email and SMS marketing
  • Dynamic Segmentation
  • Automated Customer journeys
  • Integrations with Ubiquiti, Open Mesh, Meraki and other cloud managed access points
  • Integrations with Square, Revel, Mobile Bytes, Toast and other cloud managed POS

“Providing excellent customer experience in my coffee shops is no longer purely based on in-store interactions, and attracting new customers has moved beyond word-of-mouth buzz. Today’s consumers rely on social media, digital channels and online reviews to make decisions about where they want to spend their time and money,” said Thomas Scott, Owner, Just Love Coffee. “I needed a smart, cost-effective and easy-to-use solution that would help me increase sales and create a consistent customer experience across several locations. Using data provided by GoGoGuest, we have been able to automate and create targeted marketing campaigns and an in-store loyalty program, which has been invaluable to the growth of our business. This year alone we’ve seen a 44% increase in in-store revenue, and we attribute much of that growth to our improved marketing efforts.”

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