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Go Find It, RoomNet TV Partner to Transform Hotel In-Room Viewing

Go Find It and RoomNet TV announced their partnership which will allow guests to access their own content, favorite TV channels and movies while using Apple TV. Through their partnership, guests will have access to familiar services such as Netflix, iTunes, HBO and preferred news providers as well as a bespoke App specially developed by Go Find It for Apple TV use, displaying the hotel features, destination specific content and allowing the hotel to display and upsell its assets.
Traditionally the hospitality industry is behind the global trend of digital transformation and it suffers with outdated systems, substantial financial burden and low guest engagement with content. Hotel technologies have been, and in many ways still are very complex and expensive for the hoteliers and seldom bring the needed ROI, Go Find It said. The solution from this partnership will create a very competitive alternative to the existing products on the market.
The switch to mobile App technology not only enables hoteliers the opportunity to engage their guests but also to regain control of a critical client service and marketing tool. The new Apple TV app built by Go Find It will not only support Apple’s TVOS it will also be available on all mobile devices. It will be managed and updated remotely by Go Find it and RoomNet TV via a cloud solution and replaces traditional TV setups with Apple’s latest TV interface.
The bespoke App feature created by Go Find It’s global teams also delivers a seamless guest experience, providing destination specific content that is relevant to the guests and showcasing hotel property and in-room services in an interface with PMS integration, helping hoteliers to drive revenue throughout the guests’ stay.
Furthermore, hotels can reduce the number of TV channels they pay for and cut spending on satellite dishes, aerials, cabling and servers, therefore lowering costs and improving their profitability.  
Guests can also be secure in the knowledge that the system is utilizing RoomNet TV Personal Area Network, which provides a single step, safe streaming environment that purges user credentials on check-out, and keeps internet browsing and file-sharing private.
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