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Givex Launches Scheduled Ordering Module for Vexilor POS System

Givex announced a new Scheduled Ordering module for its Vexilor POS system. With its Schedule Ordering module, restaurants and quick service chains can offer Pick Up and Order Ahead functionality to customers, and their Vexilor POS will automatically start production of the order at the correct time and track payment status.

Previously operators had to deal with staff training and manual processes for staff to record future orders and input them at the right time for pick up. Finance departments also had problems identifying the liability due to the prepaid and outstanding portions of the future order. These issues often created poor customer experiences and unnecessary costly resources being used internally.

Vexilor's new Scheduled Ordering module was designed with these challenges in mind. With a streamlined user interface, Vexilor POS tablets prompt staff to enter these orders correctly and the system automatically queues up production to ensure that the order is completed when the customer arrives at the appointed time for pick up. Finance users will also get reports that clearly show the resulting liability for future orders.
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