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Gimbal, Inc. Delivers Firmware Licensing Solution to Beacon Proximity Network

Gimbal, Inc. has announced the broad availability of its beacon firmware that will enable virtually any Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) device to act as a Gimbal beacon. Adding Gimbal beacon technology to devices will enable retailers, hotels, venues, advertisers and out-of-home (OOH) networks to reach their mobile app users as well as to monetize their beacon networks by securely sharing access to these beacons with partners, sponsors or digital ad networks. 
Gimbal’s proprietary firmware is capable of running on existing embedded platforms including Windows®, Linux®, Android™ and proprietary systems, among others.  Through this solution, Gimbal is licensing the ability to both transmit and detect beacons.  For internet-connected devices such as access points, set-top-boxes, vending machines and more, Gimbal firmware provides the ability to manage these devices via Gimbal’s cloud service.  
Gimbal beacons with iBeacon™ technology are the most widely deployed BLE beacons in the world.  Gimbal beacons transmit a unique rolling, encrypted ID to ensure digital ownership of your proximity network.  Gimbal has earned TRUSTe certification for consumer-controlled privacy, is an advisory board member of the Future of Privacy Forum and delivers industry-leading security via its secure software and transmissions.  
By bridging the digital and physical worlds, Gimbal’s comprehensive, enterprise grade platform provides ambient, proactive mobile engagement through BLE beacons with support for both iOS and Android, along with advanced geofencing, analytics, unmatched security features and privacy controls.
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