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German Hotel Collection Leverages Digital Keys from AssaAbloy

prizeotel, a German hotel collection that provides guests with a modernistic approach to design, has selected ASSA ABLOY Hospitality to enhance security and convenience by implementing Mobile Access at its three locations in Bremen, Hamburg and Hannover. ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Mobile Access is a cutting-edge innovation that allows guests to use their own smart devices as digital room keys. At prizeotel, Mobile Access works in conjunction with VingCard Signature RFID door locks that have also been installed.
By implementing ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Mobile Access, prizeotel's leadership took a significant step forward in ensuring that their hotel services are as modern as their surroundings. Allowing guests to completely bypass front desk lines when arriving, Mobile Access is accessible as soon as an individual initiates a request via mobile app. This convenience-enhancing feature allows guests of prizeotel to begin enjoying their hotel stay experience immediately, without having to wait for staff assistance.
Convenience aside, Mobile Access also provides some of the latest security safeguards that are available to hotels today. Mobile Access works with a hotel's property management system in order to allocate a guestroom and generate a digital key that is encrypted and securely delivered to a guest's smartphone. The smartphone places the key in a secure key vault within the hotel's mobile app. When presented to the appropriate lock, the app transmits the encrypted key via a secure communication channel, ensuring that only authorized users receive digital key information and gain access.
Style and security at prizeotel properties have been further enhanced with the installation of VingCard Signature RFID door locks. This design-centric solution is aesthetically pleasing and requires only a small RFID reader on the door. Signature RFID is also armed with advanced anti-cloning technology that virtually guarantees against unauthorized access. The locks work with VingCard Visionline, a patented data communication platform by ASSA ABLOY Hospitality.
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