Fully Mobile: Visual Matrix Integrates MOP Housekeeping Management System into PMS, Expands Platform Capabilities

Visual Matrix, a provider of advanced technology solutions for the hospitality industry, is becoming a completely mobile-first platform. The company announced the full mobile integration of its MOP housekeeping solution into its award-winning PMS, part of a comprehensive feature expansion that includes the first direct integration in the industry using the new HTNG Express PMS API specification and coming in 2023, a fully device responsive enhancement of its user interface.

The enhancements empower hoteliers to realize cost savings and operational efficiencies quicker and easier, through better task management views into housekeeping and maintenance, and more effective implementation of the Visual Matrix employee safety button technology into the mobile-first platform.

“In today’s challenging operating environment, hoteliers need trust and flexibility in their technology solution set above all,” said Georgine Muntz, CEO of Visual Matrix. “VM Cloud has been an industry-operations platform since its launch in 2018, and today we expand its capabilities and take it fully ‘mobile first.” Building on the exceptional demand for our MOP and core PMS technologies, we’re excited to continue building out through a complete UI enhancement that will become operational in 2023. Our focus continues to be helping hoteliers do more with less, always offering the best guest experience for an amazing value to hoteliers.”

The updates announced today, include:

  • MOP (Mobile Operating Platform) Automation: Visual Matrix’s mobile operating platform allows hoteliers to access their property’s technology platforms anytime, anywhere. The updated system now includes fully automated task management capabilities, which allow operators to pre-plan tasks, reduce wasted time, and improve the consistency of the hotel stay experience.
  • Automated Revenue Management: Visual Matrix’s integrated revenue management solution automatically monitors and optimizes your rates every time a reservation is made, changed, or canceled by the hotel, its channel manager, or central reservations. Rate restrictions can be set and lifted automatically based on specific occupancy triggers as those automatic changes occur. The system also adjusts rates based on the level of demand, channel type, and room type, uses algorithms to highlight demand trends, and can even perform real-time reporting or shop competitor rates.
  • Employee Safety Devices: With MOP, Visual Matrix is giving hotel staff access to invaluable safety technology that is integral to keeping workers safe. A dedicated panic button can be overlaid over every screen your staff accesses on their handheld devices, ensuring they are able to call for help at a moment’s notice. Activating the button instantly triggers the device’s camera and microphone, delivers alerts to all hotel staff members, and sends automated calls to a preset list, ensuring hotel workers are always protected.
  • Enhanced User Interface: The new Visual Matrix offers an updated user interface based on feedback from operators. The system is built around mobile functionality first, allowing users to manage operations over smart devices more efficiently and effectively while on the go. The new interface will more accurately position alerts and messages to allow for better readability and better use of screen real-estate.
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