Fuel Mobile App Expands Mobile Access Options Through Integration with Onity DirectKey System

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor (Hotels)
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Fuel, a provider of hotel software and digital marketing solutions for the global hospitality industry, said it has expanded the digital key functionality of its mobile application for independent and boutique hotels through a successful integration with Onity's Direct Key™ system. The new technology integration allows hotel properties with Onity locking systems to cost-effectively add the ability for guests to access their assigned guestrooms using their mobile phone as a digital key. With this feature enabled, guests can bypass the front desk and go directly to their rooms upon arrival at the property.

The Fuel Mobile App's rapidly expanding set of features already includes the ability to check-in or out without visiting the front desk, book a future stay, order room service from a mobile phone, and communicate with the property in real-time. With the added convenience of mobile access, hoteliers can ensure that guests enjoy a seamless hotel stay experience.

According to Fuel, digital key technology is expanding rapidly across sectors. The findings of its recent 2019 Leisure Travel Trends Study confirms the critical role of mobile technology in improving the guest journey, which is why Fuel has taken steps to maximize the convenience that its hotel clients can provide to their guests through its application. By adding a key functionality that guests use multiple times a day, it is much more likely that the app will be downloaded and used, maximizing the resulting benefits to both hoteliers and their guests.

Onity's DirectKey system uses secure key credentialing and Bluetooth® technology to allow hotel guests to download their assigned key to their smartphone for easy access to their guest room and other access-controlled areas. DirectKey technology is designed to give guests a seamless journey-from parking to elevators to their room, and is backed by a scalable mobile credentialing platform that has been deployed across an installed base of more than 3 million Bluetooth locking devices in multiple industries.