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Fuddruckers Pages the Way to a Streamlined Business

Can a guest paging system really make a difference to a restaurant’s operations? It did for fast casual burger restaurant Fuddruckers. Texas-based franchise owner David Futrell owns nine locations and has operated for over 10 years under a promise to deliver his guests only the best burgers on freshly baked buns. But he had an issue that needed solving.

Fuddruckers used to call out names of guests over a PA system when food was ready to be picked up from the counter. Futrell realized that this method was disruptive to the guests and sought an alternative solution to improve the dining experience. Because Fuddruckers does not have food runners to deliver food to the table, Futrell felt that calling out names gave guests the feeling of being in a fast food restaurant rather than a fast casual dine-in establishment. He wanted to distinguish Fuddruckers as the ideal restaurant for family outings.

With a desire to improve customer perception of Fuddruckers and position it as a family-friendly fast casual restaurant, Futrell focused on improving the guest experience. Futrell made the decision to install a guest paging system from LRS in his North Dallas location, which he has now expanded to all nine of his locations. Now when a guest places an order, they have the option of getting a coaster pager or being notified by text message when their order is ready.

“Having a paging system gives the guest the opportunity to relax, enjoy time with family and not have to worry about when their food will be ready,” said Futrell. “Also, with the loud music we play in our restaurants, customers don’t have to worry about missing their name being called and can just rely on the pagers to alert them. It makes the whole process seamless and we love it.”
Futrell has been a customer of LRS for more than 15 years and recently deployed LRS’ newest generation of guest pagers. The new coaster pagers have a modern look and design, and were recently adopted at one of the restaurant’s North Dallas locations. The response from both staff and customers has been highly positive. Fuddruckers’ director of operations Lonnie Tucker was most impressed with the updated changes.

“The most unique changes in the coaster’s design are the different colors and lights, and the addition of the digital numbers,” said Tucker. “It has always been an effective system for us, but now it looks more modern and fits well with the efforts we’ve put into updating and modernizing our restaurant.”
Futrell plans on installing the new pagers in his other eight locations.
Improved Guest Experience
After placing their orders and finding a table, guests can relax knowing they will be notified as soon as their order is ready to be picked up.

Improved Staff Efficiency and Streamlined Operations
Staff can focus on their duties without worrying that guests will not hear their names being called over a PA system, and food doesn’t sit on the counter for extended periods of time.

Better Restaurant Ambience
By eliminating the nuisance of overhead paging and name calling, Fuddruckers has created a better atmosphere in the restaurant.

Product Confidence
Recent enhancements to the guest pagers have increased the durability and reliability of the equipment and the improved design reflects Fuddruckers’ modern image.
Fuddruckers’ previous generation of LRS guest paging system served as a reliable tool that helped Fuddruckers improve their guest and staff experience. With the new aesthetic and functional changes to the pagers, operations have become more streamlined and guests have a better dining experience. With many years of restaurant business under his belt, general manager of the North Dallas location Joe Huey believes the system is a vital tool to running a restaurant.

“I can’t imagine running a restaurant without the paging system,” said Huey. “For anybody starting a business, there are certain things you have to have, and when you have an establishment where customers need to come up and get their food, it’s the most reliable thing that you can use.”
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