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Four Winds Interactive Announces Major Software Release and New App Store

Four Winds Interactive (FWI) has announced a new software release that improves how clients build, deploy and manage their enterprise visual communications networks. The release is accompanied by a user-friendly “app store” containing hundreds of images, videos, apps, templates, and much more that can be used to quickly design and populate visual displays—whether one screen at a time, or enterprise-wide.
The software release, dubbed 5.0, has been in development for more than a year and has been designed to make creating an enterprise visual communications network as easy as programming a smartphone with user preferences.
FWI developed a number of proprietary tools and features to create their latest release, taking care to make each component as easy to use as possible.   
FWI’s Software 5.0 has five main features:
FWI Store
The FWI Store contains pre-built templates, applications, content, and plug-ins on a subscription basis that can be used to quickly customize display designs with the most up-to-date and dynamic content. The FWI Store is conveniently accessible from the Content Manager platform.
Sharable Applications
FWI’s software now enables users to create, publish, and share custom applications, or leverage content from the FWI Store.
Remote Web Management
The Content Manager Web platform now lets users manage their network anytime, anywhere, from any web-enabled device.
Content Approval Workflow
The newly added workflow functionality provides an integrated approval process for content. Automated email notifications are sent when new content is added and managers can view a real-time task list to see and approve requests waiting in their queue.
Network Monitoring
Network monitoring has been integrated into Content Manager Desktop, enabling clients to monitor the health and status of their network in real-time with customizable dashboards.
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