Fortessa Tableware Solutions, Healthe Launch Curated Lighting Products that Combat Pathogens in the Air and on Surfaces

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels
Cleanse Downlight combines general illumination with human-safe Far-UVC sanitizing light to clean air and surfaces.

Fortessa Tableware Solutions and Healthe have announced they are partnering to launch Healthe for Hospitality™, a set of curated lighting products and custom enterprise solutions, developed by Healthe, to support the hospitality industry as it begins to safely re-open amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.  

“The hospitality industry faces unique challenges when it comes to protecting the health of workers and guests as high pass-through and turnover increase the risk of contamination and transmission of viruses,” said Scott M. Hamberger, co-founder of Fortessa Tableware Solutions and CEO and president of Integrus Holdings, Inc. “Our work is built on public trust. We not only want to continue providing the quality dining products our customers come to expect from us, but also ensure that all of the guests, customers and employees we serve know that we are doing all that we can to keep them safe. In Healthe, we found a mutual partner committed to this critical effort.”  

Healthe for Hospitality will bring Healthe’s 24-hour, continuous sanitization solutions to effectively combat pathogens in the air and on surfaces at restaurants, hotels, private clubs, senior living and other hospitality industry settings. These solutions utilize Far-UVC light that is safe for human exposure, to inactivate viruses and bacteria on surfaces and in the air. Additionally, these applications can be combined with Healthe’s existing circadian lighting products to influence hotel and nursing home guests’ sleep-wake cycles in support of their overall comfort and health. 

They include: 

Cleanse Portal is a free-standing walkthrough arch sanitizer, similar in size and shape to a metal detector, that inactivates bacteria and viruses on skin, clothing and goods with a dosage requirement as low as 20 seconds. The Portal can be deployed near entrances, internal doorways and other high-traffic areas to disinfect people and goods entering a clean area. 

It can function in always-on or motion-activated modes and is ideal for restaurant dining room and bar area entrances as well as hotel lobbies and a wide range of other applications.


Cleanse Downlight combines general illumination with human-safe Far-UVC sanitizing light to clean air and surfaces. It is designed to be easily retrofitted into existing standard 6” or 8” recessed downlight housings. The Cleanse Downlight can be set to function in always-on mode or to activate only when a room is vacated. It can be used in high-traffic areas such as hotel guest reservation check-in areas or public restrooms. 


Cleanse Air-Sanitizing Troffer utilizes a multi-stage process to trap pollutants and deactivate viruses and bacteria, in addition to providing general room illumination. The low-profile troffer draws room air through a HEPA/Charcoal filter, then exposes the air to UVA and UVC light that targets remaining airborne pathogens, achieving a 99.9% kill rate in the expelled air. The UV components are contained within the Troffer to prevent human exposure. The Troffer can be retrofitted into existing, standard 2’ x 4’ troffer housing and is suitable for use in various public common areas. 


“Fortessa is already a leader in serving the hospitality industry and we’re proud to be joining them in this effort to keep people safe as hotels and restaurants reopen and recover from the COVID-19 shutdowns,” said Khim Lee, CEO of Healthe. “This new normal will be defined by implementing more rigorous sanitization programs and Healthe’s Far-UVC lighting products provide the only human-safe solution for continuous and passive use.”

The Cleanse Portal is a free-standing walk through arch sanitizer, similar in size and shape to a metal detector.
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