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Former Red Robin CIO Launches Change Leadership Firm

People Before Things, a Denver-based change leadership organization, launched under the direction of former Red Robin CIO Chris Laping, who founded the company with his wife, Kristine Laping, under the notion that technology alone will never truly bring organizations the efficiencies they desire.

“How many times have you heard: if we invest in this new technology, it will be a game changer? Or, when we get this new solution, it will free up our people’s time to add more value? The problem is, technology can never do that on its own—the statistics around IT project failure prove it,” said Chris Laping, co-founder and CEO. “If we want to launch a transformation in our organizations via technology, we can only do that by first honoring the human experience and recognizing that certain conditions must be in place. When leaders do this, it can dramatically change the outcomes of any implementation.”

The company’s soft-launch spanned 100 days and included completing a “listening tour” with more than 125 leaders across the country, writing a significant portion of their self-titled book (People Before Things) and launching its website,, which offers leadership content for visitors who want to ignite and nurture a change culture within their organization.
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