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Focus POS Announces Apple Pay Integration

Focus POS, provider of restaurant point of sale software, has announced the integration of Apple Pay into their restaurant management software.  Apple Pay, a mobile payment service that turns cell phones into digital wallets, was released on October 20, 2014, to go along with the newest iPhone product.
Mobile payment services and digital wallets aren’t anything new, but Apple Pay has grabbed the attention of consumers and businesses alike. The service utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC), allowing phones to wirelessly connect to point of sale systems.  The ingenuity of Apple Pay comes from the convenience and security it provides to all involved parties.  In order to pay for items with an iPhone, a user just has to press a thumb to the fingerprint sensor, and the technology takes care of the rest.  In addition to requiring the cardholder’s fingerprint, Apple Pay takes advantage of tokenization.  Tokenization creates a one-time code that acts as a replacement for the credit card number.
Focus POS doesn’t want to limit their customers in any way.  This move gives customers even more payment options, effectively expanding the reach of their businesses.  Focus POS has always aimed to give restaurants a competitive edge by providing simple, yet powerful point of sale solutions.  Payment processing is only one aspect of the point of sale, but Apple Pay integration ensures that Focus POS customers will be able to stay abreast with other progressive businesses.
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