Flight Time TV brings Flight Status Info to Hotels

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Flight Time TV brings Flight Status Info to Hotels


Flight Time TV (FTTV), an independent supplier of flight information, releases a stand-alone flight monitoring system suited to broadcast in real-time

onto the Guest TV Network of a hotel. FTTV collects the data from airports over the world, big or small.

The application rotates only through the departures of the neighboring airport and can also be set to display on stand-alone wall screens in the lobby or integrated in HTML based messaging boards. Flight Time TV is an easily installed plug-and-play system that requires no regular maintenance. It receives its updates in real-time over the Internet and displays it directly on the screens. When an airport updates flight data, Flight Time can then display that information on the guest TV network. There is no human interference, everything is automatically updated. All that is required is a free TV-channel and the costs are less than what an average Hotel charges for a room.

"Flight Time TV should be a standard amenity for hotels...wake up, walk to get a cup of coffee & plan for the dreaded trip to the airport by quickly glancing instead of being put on hold or pressing series of buttons over the phone. By putting that delay off in the comfort of a guest room; it takes just a bit of the stress off of our guests for the journey home or to their next destination. I find I miss it when I travel and stay with other hotels," concludes Ronnie Anderson, Director of Catering & Events of the Westin Casuarina / Casino & Spa in Las Vegas.