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Flexible PMS Streamlines Ops with Connection to Central Reservations

HotelREZ Hotels & Resorts has announced the launch of a new PMS interface, REZSwitch. The new PMS interface will provide a reliable, cost efficient and flexible way for a Property Management System (PMS) to connect to HotelREZ's Central Reservations System (CRS), CentralREZ.
The development of a new PMS interface is part of HotelREZ's continued focus on providing innovative solutions, at a competitive price-point, to some of the common problems faced by independent hotels today.
Over the years, the PMS technology landscape has experienced considerable change, and today independent hotels are being offered a wide range of solutions, including a diversity of smaller regional PMS providers. Until now many independent hoteliers have struggled to work effectively with many of these new PMS providers, as an interface to the CRS simply wasn't available, or it was too costly to build. Without an interface, hoteliers are forced to manage two systems manually, which opens up risks of overbooking and price discrepancies.
Thus far, HotelREZ was already capable of supporting over 60 mainstream PMS providers with seamless 2-way connectivity to its CRS, CentralREZ, however with the new switch in place this number is bound to grow significantly.
REZSwitch will not only empower the independents to freely select partner technologies but will also provide a platform with open visibility and more control over logging and maintenance of the connections in place.
When a secure 2-way interface between a PMS and CRS is in place, it will ensure all crucial information such as room rates, inventory availability or guest profile data are automatically exchanged, in real time, between the two systems, providing greater accuracy of availability and pricing.
For PMS vendors, REZSwitch also opens up new revenue streams for their existing customer base. By connecting to the HotelREZ CRS, CentralREZ, PMS suppliers can offer hotel customers with all the services offered by HotelREZ Hotels & Resorts including GDS distribution, revenue support, corporate and consortia RFP generation and hundreds of preferred partnership agreements.
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