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Flexible Oil Filtration System Lets Restaurants Select Filter

Frontline International now offers a Flexible Filter System as part of their approach to Smart Oil Management. The company’s systems help customers manage all aspects of restaurant cooking oil for quality and profitability through equipment designed for efficient fresh and waste oil management and oil filtration — the key to longer shortening life.
The Flexible Filter System is a standalone oil filtration system growing in popularity with customers. Since proper filtration is so important, Frontline International makes it easier with a system that lets users easily change to different types of filter media according to the restaurant’s needs and oil usage.
The Flexible Filter System offers a choice of three filtration media: stainless steel, paper, or disposable carbon. You may even choose different media from store to store, or you can switch filters depending on the type and quantity of foods being fried.
Each filter type has its advantages and benefits. A stainless screen is the most affordable of the filters. It’s continuously reusable and won’t rust or tear under normal usage. Paper filters can increase the quality of fried foods because less oil is absorbed into food, making food taste better and oil last longer. Frontline International’s paper filters have no loose powder; it’s impregnated into the pad to control destructive chemical reactions in the oil. Disposable carbon filters offer the most advantages of the three types. With the highest absorptive properties, carbon filters lead to higher quality fried foods. Carbon filters also remove the highest amounts of particulate contamination from your fryer oil, which extends the life of the oil — an important cost savings.
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