Five Technology Trends Gaining Momentum Among Resorts and Casinos


At any given time, resorts have a plethora of guests visiting for a variety of reasons. Between family vacations, business trips or celebrations – dining out, at the spa, shopping or in a casino – each guest is looking for an exceptional experience. Today, with new technologies emerging within the hospitality industry, resort and casino operators can and must ensure they’re providing guests with the trip they desire. Here are a few ways this can be achieved:

Facial Recognition to Replace Reward Cards

Imagine knowing details about patrons without asking them to hand over their physical loyalty card. Or even better, without even needing a loyalty card. When a guest stops at the front desk requesting an extra towel, the staff already knows which room to deliver it to. Or when a patron sits down at a gaming table or machine, it identifies them by name.

Using embedded cameras with facial recognition technology, staff can identify patrons who have willingly shared their information with the resort. This approach fulfills the same need as reward cards - driving a more personalized, relevant guest experience for those who enroll – but eliminates friction and saves guests from having to keep a reward card on hand.

Concierge Applications to Personally Curate Experiences

Resorts are looking to offer services that let customers curate their own leisure experience. Through mobile apps, resorts can present visitors with specific offers and promotions, and inform them about events happening on site. From shopping to scheduling spa treatments, making dinner reservations, checking concert schedules, and booking tickets to shows, mobile apps can provide personal concierge service to every patron. No longer do they need to stop at the front desk or pick up the phone to receive exceptional service.

Wearable Devices for Patrons and Employees

Many patrons have been wearing smartwatches and fitness trackers for years – so why not take advantage of them in your business? Fitness trackers can be linked to the resort gym, or wearable devices can be paired with concierge applications to manage notifications. Additionally, real-time location information can provide visibility into important data such as busy times, which can help inform staffing needs. 

Wearable devices may also help employees connect to each other and serve patrons more effectively. Connected staff can provide quick task and situational awareness to other employees or team specialists. For example, a wait-staff employee can quickly alert a cleaning crew if a spill occurs, or a pool manager can contact food and beverage teams to resupply the area.

Connected and Collaborative Teams

If a patron asks the front desk a question, they’re not going to wait while the concierge picks up the phone and dials the right extension. They’re looking for an immediate answer. And with connected devices, employees can immediately tap into the expertise of their teammates through real-time communication and messaging. This not only enhances employees’ accountability to quickly address an issue, but improves customer service as patrons’ needs are met faster. What’s more, given that the resort industry is 24/7, connected devices can provide important information updates to employees regardless of their location or shift, ensuring the entire team is aligned on the same goals.

RFID, AI for Chip Security & the House Advantage

RFID and AI technology also helps resorts improve casino operations. For example, when RFID is used with casino chips, operators can easily combat theft. By monitoring chips, casinos can also determine the rate of play – including how often and how much customers are betting. In terms of ensuring the house always has the advantage, AI can identify VIP gamblers to ensure they’re looked after or identify patrons that are more inclined to spend.

Give Guests the Trip They Desire

Whether with image recognition, voice-enabled wearable devices or AI, today’s technology all leads back to the same idea that a connected staff creates better service for your guests. Hospitality providers that haven’t considered or aren’t currently applying these advances to meet the needs of today’s tech-savvy consumers will see that it’s harder to keep up with the competition without digitally savvy strategies. It’s time to take a step forward and empower both guests and employees.

  • About the Author

    Lesley Simmonds is an innovative, pragmatic business leader with passion and conviction for technology business strategy. She brings her unique expertise in leveraging original and analytic thinking to understand and project future trends, ascertain market gaps, and build Theatro’s Casino & Hospitality business.

    Prior to Theatro, Lesley’s dynamic career has been focused on commanding strategic initiatives for small start-ups and industry-leading companies including XCCommerce, Oracle, Retek, and PCMS Datafit, with roles focused on global go-to-market and product strategy, business development, and channels/alliances.

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