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Five-Star Hotels Drive GDS Bookings through Connected Online Channels

Sunlake Group of Hotels in Jakarta has moved its full portfolio of privately owned hotels to Pegasus Connect+. The four five-star Indonesian hotels, including the Hotel Merlynn Park, Sunlake Hotel Jakarta, Metro Hotel Semarang and Hotel Manhattan Jakarta, will now be available through the global distributions systems (GDSs) and TravelSky in China under Pegasus Solutions’ “UI” chain code. All four hotels can now also drive bookings through hundreds of Pegasus-connected online channels.
Sunlake’s hotels are situated throughout Jakarta, delivering signature style that blends business with relaxation. The Merlynn Park Hotel at the heart of the city offers mid-1920s Oriental style with a sheltered open-air pool. With 228 rooms, Sunlake Hotel Jakarta in growing North Jakarta features private tennis courts and panoramic views of Danau Sunter Lake. Newly renovated to cater to a meetings audience, the Hotel Metro Semarang is in central Semarang City, boasting a classical Dutch Colonial design. And the 238-room Manhattan Hotel in South Jakarta’s Golden Triangle delivers modern minimalism in 36 floors amid Jakarta’s most well-known global attractions.
With this agreement, they ensure they will be accessible to both audiences, regardless of locale or booking preference.
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