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Fitzpatrick Hotel Group Expands Relationship with Infor Hospitality

The Fitzpatrick Hotel Group will implement SoftBrands’ Hotel Management Solution (HMS) at its Fitzpatrick Manhattan and Fitzpatrick Grand Central locations. The Fitzpatrick Hotel Group chose HMS due to its industry specific functionality, proven architecture and flexible reporting options. SoftBrands is an affiliate of Infor, a provider of business application software.
The Fitzpatrick Hotel Group is a privately owned group of boutique hotels, still run by the same family who started the business in Ireland more than 40 years ago. Today, the Fitzpatrick Hotel Group has properties in North America and Ireland and is planning a simultaneous rollout of HMS at both of its New York City locations.
The Fitzpatrick Hotel Group has worked with SoftBrands throughout the years, establishing a positive relationship and candor that contributed to the decision to move forward with the HMS project.
“We are thrilled to be migrating to HMS, a system that is clearly on the cutting edge of hospitality technology,” says John Fitzpatrick, chairman and CEO of the Fitzpatrick Hotel Group. “The system will enable us to better manage our most important information and help bring an even higher level of service to our guests, while at the same time giving us many new tools to help us be more profitable.”
HMS was built to address the challenges associated with enterprise scale applications while still being simple enough for single property installations.
  • One single database deployment of traditional multiple property PMS and CRS functionality.
  • Proven architecture: HMS was developed upon a well-established architecture and framework in use by more than 500,000 users including those in travel/hospitality companies.
  • HMS boasts a true J2EE architecture with an Enterprise Java Bean layer, enabling customers to gain all of the scalability and flexibility benefits, including SOA readiness and Web Services
  • Multiple deployment options including traditional on-property or hosted in a private cloud or the Infor cloud. Infor’s CloudSuite provides all of the functionality to keep the business running effectively, with none of the infrastructure and IT concerns.
  • The HMS solution has a wide feature function set to address every aspect of guest management.
  • Intuitive user experience, including the ability for users to access the information they need from one single screen. Hoteliers can get to business quickly while agents spend more time with the guest
  • Guest recognition functionality throughout, with the ability to determine the guests’ lifetime value each time a reservation or check-in screen is displayed to a user.
  • Guest experience-based, to include features like dynamic packages, enabling guests to personalize their own hotel stay experiences
  • Screen design framework that allows the hotel to design their own screen layouts and workflow to fit their sales strategies and business processes.
  • Robust integration capabilities: The application enables hoteliers to connect and share data throughout their operation. HMS supports legacy device and business application interfaces through its existing SoftBrands Liaison tool and has the ability to connect and share data with virtually any third-party application via its Web Services layer.
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