FitnessOnDemand Launches New LIVE Streaming Feature for Hotels

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels
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As families and business guests return to hotel travel, FitnessOnDemand, a provider of on-demand fitness content from the world’s most innovative fitness brands and celebrities, introduces Live Streaming, the next evolution of FOD’s hospitality fitness platform. Live Streaming combines on-demand digital fitness classes and workouts in hotel fitness clubs with the ability to offer live streamed instructor classes to guests.

“We’re seeing an interesting intersection in hospitality,” says Uday Anumalachetty, divisional vice president, FitnessOnDemand. “Guests are returning in record numbers but they’re hyper conscious of staying fit and well wherever they are, and they’re looking for exceptional, next-level experiences from the hotels they visit. This introduction is about putting all of the fitness experiences, classes and tools consumers enjoy at home in the hands of fitness operators to create truly exceptional, healthy and fit guest stays.”

Developed as part of a continued commitment to a Virtually-Anywhere accessible universe of fitness content, Live Streaming from FitnessOnDemand is designed to bring the latest in high-value, luxe amenities to hotel guests and operators alike. The new platform evolution combines FitnessOnDemand’s more than 1,000 fitness classes from the world’s leading trainers and gym brands together with live streaming functionality in one convenient environment. Guests can choose from HIIT classes, barre, Pilates, stationary bike classes and a wide variety of 7-, 10-, 45- and 60-minute workouts to get the blood pumping or stress relieving wind downs and meditation to de-stress while traveling. The addition of Live Streaming now adds the ability for fitness facility operators to offer live streamed sessions, classes and special fitness “events” to guests from off-site instructors.

“The fitness and wellness landscape has evolved,” says Uday Anumalachetty, divisional vice president, FitnessOnDemand. “Consumers have been recalibrated to understand they can access fitness and wellness content from almost anywhere. If they’re traveling in a hotel, they still expect the same access to expert instruction and quality programming. This introduction allows them to stop in after a day of meetings or sight-seeing, call up a class or join a stream and get whatever they need from their workout or winddown experience.”

For hotels looking to expand offerings or create “fitness events” for guests, Live Streaming from FitnessOnDemand features Instructor Broadcast mode. This enables any instructor on-site, or off, to connect with guests and conduct virtual fitness classes. Broadcast events can be pre-scheduled by the fitness team and shared throughout a hotel’s website and social channels, allowing guests to RSVP and book attendance instantaneously with an automated addition to their device calendars. Once instructors go live, class participants can click on a class listing to instantly join and stream the class.

As part of the launch, FitnessOnDemand’s Customer Success team will play an expanded and pivotal role in working with hotel fitness managers to create optimal content portfolios and format schedules best suited to their guests.


The introduction timed in conjunction with FitnessOnDemand’s  10th anniversary is the latest, sophisticated platform evolution that started with a prototype desktop computer and HDMI cables in 2011 and grew rapidly year over year. Other steps in the product R+D journey included the creation of physical kiosks for customers, flush mount iPads in facilities and most recently the launch in March 2020 of FOD’s hugely successful product, FLEX by FitnessOnDemand – an introduction that provided fitness and wellness content to many thousands of users during the pandemic.

“This wasn’t developed to celebrate our big tenth anniversary,” adds Anumalachetty, “but the timing is certainly fitting. It’s marking a special date in our business timeline with a next-era technology already proving a must-have with early-adopter hospitality brands.”

Broadcast mode live streaming is immediately available utilizing the latest technology platform functionality to all current FitnessOnDemand commercial customers. One-on-one mode launches October, 1 2021.

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