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Fishbowl, Inc. Releases 2017 Buzz Brands Report

Fishbowl, Inc., a provider of analytics and marketing strategies for the restaurant industry, said it released the 2017 Buzz Brands report, a new study that ranks social media performance indicators for some of the country’s top restaurant brands.

The report evaluates mid-sized restaurant chains (approximately 75-275 locations) — ranging from fast casual MOD Pizza to established fine dining Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse — that have a strong online presence, and analyzes more than 20,000 user reviews to determine what drives positive customer feedback. It also incorporates the Fishbowl Social Score™, which assigns a value of 1-10 to each brand’s social media performance based on a compilation of multi-channel ratings, frequency measures and review sentiment.

Consumer brand preferences are continually changing. By mining and analyzing more than 1.7 million words for meaning, and applying proprietary sentiment analytics to look for patterns in the conversation, the Buzz Brands study uncovers trends, providing greater insight into how consumers rate products, services and facilities. For example, the report reveals that in negative reviews, service issues are one of the top areas for complaints. In positive reviews, food, service, and restaurant ambience are all important factors.

There are patterns in social data that can — and should — be used by restaurants to track, measure and adjust their focus to ensure continued growth and sustainable success. The Buzz Brand report gives a snapshot via the Social Score. Restauranteurs rely on this kind of data to fully understand what reviewers are saying in an unvarnished way. Social Analytics can allow brands to better understand what is directly impacting operations — even what may be working for competitors. Marketing strategies can then be further tailored to respond to this feedback.

The report, which can be viewed at, includes high-achieving brands in a variety of segments, including pizza, fine dining, casual dining, burger, Mexican, and bar/tavern. The report delivers unbiased, unfiltered brand insights, and includes a map showing scores of different brands in each group nationally.

Understanding brand perception and how well the value proposition is being received by customers is crucial to success in the extremely competitive restaurant industry. Through data-driven feedback, in-depth social analytics can help reveal inconsistencies and quality control issues while also giving restaurants a deeper understanding of their strengths.

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